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Innerrupt Your Life

"Transform Within, Discover Beyond: Your Journey Awaits"

Therapy Sessions
What We Offer

Our approach is both holistic and tailored, crafted to address the distinct needs of every participant. In our retreats and workshops, individuals receive a comprehensive toolkit for managing life's hurdles, ensuring effective navigation through challenges.


The annual Drop Your Bags Retreat™ is an all-inclusive experience designed for the busy woman who never seems to have quite enough…


Have you ever felt like no one understands what you’ve been going through in life? Do you have so much going on in life that you don’t know…

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to foster a genuine and serene setting that uplifts and empowers individuals burdened by life’s challenges. By educating, inspiring, and honoring the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of each person, we aim to create a supportive community. Our Drop Your Bags Retreats are designed to cultivate an environment conducive to inward transformation and personal growth, facilitating change from the inside out.

 Your Host

Dr. Keshia Keith, is an author, public speaker, and licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC), who

dedicated over two decades of her career to fostering mental wellness and support for those battling depression and anxiety. Her personal journey through postpartum depression not only enriches her work with deep empathy and understanding but also fuels her passion for helping others find their path to mental wellness and self-care.


Dr. Keith's retreats are not just events; they are transformative experiences designed to empower attendees to recharge, refuel, and refocus their lives. Through these meticulously curated retreats, Dr. Keith encapsulates her commitment to mental wellness, offering a blend of professional insight and personal compassion that resonates deeply with all who attend.

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Books by Dr. Keshia

The Classroom of My Life available on 

Coping with Depression available on 

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