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Welcome to the retreats designed for empowering, enriching, and igniting your path towards the life you truly deserve. Since 2019, we've been retreating in different, wonderful locations to create unforgettable experiences. The Drop Your Bags Retreat™ are specially tailored for the modern, busy woman who often postpones self-care, saying, "One day, I'll focus on myself" or "After I complete this, I'll treat myself." Sound familiar?


To date, the Drop Your Bags Retreat™ has unfolded in breathtaking settings, including Beaufort, SC, the Hilton Head/Savannah area, The Isle of Palms, Seattle, WA, and a memorable 6-day Caribbean cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. These journeys have embraced stunning landscapes and radiant smiles against sandy coastal backdrops. The waters have served as a cleansing sanctuary, offering spectacular views.

Throughout each retreat, we foster a secure environment where you're encouraged to let go of the stressors and burdens (the 'bags') that exhaust and weigh you down daily. Our mission is to assist women like you and me in navigating life's challenging terrains by shedding the baggage we carry as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, and colleagues. Here, you'll find the support and motivation necessary to rediscover and reconnect with yourself—embracing what you truly love about your inner self. Our aspiration is for you to depart this experience feeling rejuvenated, re-energized, and re-centered, prepared to lead life with purpose and intent.


Registration is now closed for the Summer 2024 retreat cycle. We are heading to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic June 5-9, 2024. Please stay tuned for future retreat announcements, as there will be more announced in the coming months. 

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